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    We service all types of industrial electronics, specializing in repairing circuit boards to the component level.  We also provide repairs for VFD's, variable frequency drives, DC drives, power supplies, encoders, industrial electronic scales, elevator electronics, and monitors of all kinds.

     Yaskawa drives, Magnetek drives and Saftronic drives are fully serviceable at our facility.  We have customized Magnetek, Yaskawa, and Saftronics test beds that help us to live-test your VFD.  Please see our variable frequency drive web page for more details about our variable frequency drive test facilities and our variable frequency drive rebuilding services. We also repair many other types of variable frequency drives, including Toshiba drives, GE drives, Baldor drives, and more.

     Our industrial electronics repair department includes services on all types of industrial, medical, and DC power supplies. Our power supply web page has more details of the types of power supplies we test and rebuild. We can load-test your power supply and program OEM power supplies too. We specialize in providing power supply repairs for legacy power supply systems that are no longer supported by the OEM.

     Circuit board repairs are our specialty, and we can test your circuit board to the component level.  Details of circuit boards that we repair can be found on our circuit board repairs web page.

     Elevator electronic circuit boards, elevator displays, elevator variable frequency drives, and elevator power supplies can be found on our elevator electronics web page.

     Servo drives, spindle drives, and CNC electronics are also regularly repaired at our facility.  Yaskawa spindle drives and Yaskawa Servo drives can be economically repaired rather than replaced.














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